We’re a design studio in the windy city, and we’re here to show you what you might not see, and we learn from you on what we do not know.
Graphic Design, Brand Identity, Branding, Web Design, Web Development, Marketing Strategy, Print, Package Design, Collateral Design, Photography, Video Production Creative Studio,
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We’re a design and marketing duo in the windy city, and we’re here to show you what you might not see, and we learn from you on what we do not know.


We believe in partnerships, and strive on collaboration to deliver meaningful brand experiences that stand out in a dense crowd. We’ll pull from your experience and knowledge as much as you pull from ours. We’ll be honest and forthcoming, challenge ideas and thoughts, and transform your brand and business through well crafted and innovative design solutions.



With a BA in Arts, Entertainment and Media Management, Julie has built her career in a variety of roles within the entertainment industry, reinforcing her experience in digital marketing and project management. Julie’s passion is to create unforgettable experiences for people, from an online visit to a website to a big live event. She spent most of her childhood in Mexico, which has helped her to have a wider perspective of business and communication.That being said, she’s a Chicagoan at heart.


When Julie is not analyzing data in a spreadsheet you’ll probably find her dancing in a studio around the city or wandering around Blick’s aisles looking for materials for her next craft.


Nolan will never stop until something is done, and done right. From dawn till’ dusk he works diligently to bring to life influential and beautiful design. As creative director, he solves complex problems with intuitive and wide-eyed thinking that lift businesses to new heights. Add a bucket of his passion and watch it explode like mentos and coke (Do not try at home). His experience ranges from large national brands to the mom n’ pop shop, and he holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from The Illinois Institute of Art – Chicago.


Aside from the daily grind, he revitalizes his inspiration and thoughts by riding his bike, traveling and experimenting with food in the kitchen.



A Good Brand.


It has purpose and it stands out. It’s what you stand for and act upon. A promise. An unforgettable experience that ignites senses, actions and loyalty for and from your consumers.


We thrive with businesses and people who share the same passion to raise the bar. We aspire to not only do good creative work, but to build good products and services that have a positive impact on individuals and communities.


Guiding Principles

Sweat — No detail is to small, everything matters.

CraftsmanshipWe work on a limited number of projects and persue excellence.

People — You’re not a client, you’re our friend.


Areas of Discipline


Your brand is your personality. It’s a symbol that speaks who you are, what you do and what you believe in. We investigate and explore every crevice of your business and build the foundation for you to continue to grow.


The web is a busy place, and you have a very limited amount of time to make a solid impression. We thoughtfully craft experiences that are engaging and strategic by aiming high and being bold.


From packaging to collateral, the first impression is a big one. We don’t want people to just look twice, we want them to remember it. We’re not about the tri-fold brochure, that just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Marketing Strategy

Mass communication is dead. It’s time to get personal and create a marketing plan that clicks with your target audience. Together, we’ll unveil your brand’s personality to communicate effectively and gain that competitive edge.