William Pacholski

William Pacholski is a psychic who believes in the transformative power of energy. As a psychic, he creates space and transforms reality through a variety of classes and workshops.

To give this independent psychic a refresh, we completely re-imagined his visual identity. Inspired from constellations, the logo reflects the idea of “Creating Space” which is something William strongly believes in. Expressive typography spaced, with strong angular lines give it openness and flow. The logomark and symbol are both have a distinct look that cannot be overlooked. We paired his mark with a selection of gradient color palettes that portray a friendly and energetic vibe.




peter hongisto - animation design
myles hundley - 3d modeling/animation


Gestalten: Los Logos 8

Furthering the brand identity, we designed a one of a kind foil stamp business card. Duplexed Neenah Epic Black Eggshell paper created a durable, tactile feel. We paired it with Egyption Gold, and Black Liqourice Foil.